Giving Etiquette: Is it Ever Ok to Regift?

You’ve probably considered it. You’ve probably done it. But should you have? Regifting is one of those sticky situations where you know you probably shouldn’t but don’t want a perfectly good gift to go to waste. I mean, just because I can’t use it doesn’t mean that someone can’t. Right? Just make sure your heart’s in the right place. Maybe you don’t have the budget to get a gift, but giving a less-than-exciting present won’t make up for it. You’re better off giving a heartfelt card.

Gift wrap ideas via Martha Stewart

All of us at Tenereze think that giving a gift should be something very special but we understand the need to bend the rules every once in a while. Here are the Dos and Don’ts for Regifting – if you must!

Do give a gift that you would want. Maybe you already have the same vanity mirror and they didn’t include a gift receipt. Or you know someone that wants this exact item and you won’t use it nearly as much. If it’s something coveted, it’s acceptable to regift.

Do check for cards, notes or inscriptions that were made to you. My friend once got a book that had an inscription made out to the person that gave it to him. There’s no way to get out of that one!

Do rewrap it. Put a little bit of care into giving a meaningful presentation, just as you would have had you purchased it yourself.

Do give a gift card. Everyone loves the freedom of picking out what they want. If you’re someone that tends to forget that you have them and you have some to spare, put it in a nice new card and envelope.

Gift wrap options at Paper Source

Which bring us to the Don’ts…

Don’t give a gift card that you’ve scratched the code cover off of. Even if it has the full value, it looks less than new. And don’t give one that’s about the expire.

Don’t regift at a party where your circle of friends will be. If one friend gave you a gift, there’s a chance that they’ll be there or someone that they know will recognize it. Just don’t chance it.

And last but certainly most important – if you’re not sure who gave it to you in the first place, don’t regift it. You might just be returning it to the original giver.