The Classics : Wedding Looks that Never Go Out of Style

BRIDESMAID GIFT : You can’t go wrong with rhinestones and pearls, Discreet Necklace, $30  |  CAKE : Delicate frosting and piping will get oohs and aahs on your wedding day, Martha Stewart Weddings

ACCESSORY : Satin matte gloves get a lovely update with floral, $29  |  SHOES : Your something blue, slingbacks are a classic, $300

KEEPSAKE : A family tradition continues when you get your own custom monogram hankies, custom colors available, $27  |  FAVOR : Frame the seating card and then let them take home a handsome silver frame, $3.75




Bridal Board: 4th of July

Before I leave you for the weekend, don’t forget this Sunday the 17th is Father’s Day. I dropped my card in the mail but I’ll see him next weekend when he visits. *yay!*

Here’s a little something to get you in the mood for all things 4th of July. I can still remember anticipating the cook out and trip to the local air field to watch the fireworks. I didn’t care about the mosquitoes or long yawns as I laid out and watched the explosions of colors over my face. Makes me feel all patriotic, warm and fuzzy inside. Do you know where you’ll be watching fireworks or lighting sparklers?

Have a great weekend, everyone! *Enter the Love Letter dish contest for a $75 gift certificate. It’s super easy – good luck.

Image: Cake, | Red Allure Ring Pillow, Tenereze, $30 | Image: Water pitcher, Ruche | Image: Sparklers, | Blue Oyster Tealight Lantern, set of 4, Tenereze, $20 | Blue Flower Handkerchief, Tenereze, $17 | Louisa dress in chiffon, J. Crew, $250