How to Write a Really Fabulous Thank You Card

Oy. The wedding/baby shower/anniversary party is over and you’re faced with dozens of thank you cards to write*. You could put it off or attack it right away but either way, you have to¬†write something¬† in each and every one. What to do? There are a few simple tips to writing meaningful cards that will really feel heartfelt.

*For those of you that are wondering, there are no hard and fast rules but my personal thought is that thank you cards are meant to be hand-written, not digitally sent. And most etiquette specialists will feel the same. But in the case that you’re a brain surgeon or rocket scientist and short on time, a digital card is better than no card!

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1. Have a list done in advance of who gave you what. This is a good rule of thumb through life because cards get separated from gifts and then you have nothing to go on unless you have a photographic memory. Make sure to mention the actual gift that was given to you in the card.

“Dear Aunt Millie, Thank you so much for the beautiful china pieces we registered for from…”

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2. Make reference to something personal between the two of you whether it’s a memory or an upcoming event.

“We can’t wait to see you at George’s surprise party next week.”

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3. If you can’t remember what they gave you, go the sentimental route. Even if they’re your parents’ friends or just acquaintances, there’s some language that you can use to make it seem personal.

“Thank you so much for your generosity. Our day was unforgettable and having you there made it even more special for us.”

4. And what ever you do, make sure to send the card. Don’t let them sit in the box too long (over six months is probably not appropriate). Believe me, once you’ve sent them, you’ll sit back with a sigh of relief! Good luck.