Extra Thought Put Into a Gift: Being there for a Friend

I had to attend a funeral for the father of a very close friend over the weekend and it was excruciating. I hardly knew what to say or do and it was hard to figure out if bringing something was appropriate. But what I’ve learned is that keeping some sense of normalcy, while being particularly supportive, is the way to go. Everyone requires something different when they lose someone in their lives but there are a few things that will help someone that’s grieving.

Cook, make, bake something. A homemade pie or a pan of lasagna will be a comforting sight. While people are grieving they forget to take care of themselves and can forget to eat. The delicious goodies will be a welcome sight when they finally get home and have time to themselves.

Apple Pie recipe via Simply Recipes

Give a personal comfort item. Maybe it’s toiletries after a long trip to come home for the funeral. Or a scented candle for them to set by their bedside for some (hopefully) soothing sleep.

Papa frame, $24

Wrap something pretty. Maybe it’s a photo frame, a piece of small art or a large photo book. Giving something that will be long-lasting and distracting from the moment. Every time they see it, they’ll think of the thought you put into it.

Something nice from Home Goods 

These are just a few ideas for gift giving during a difficult time. The best thing you can do is still offer your priceless presence and support.