One Couple, Thirty Weddings

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant couldn’t come up with one dream wedding destination. So instead they chose 30! From Banff, Canada to Antigua to Hawaii, the couple celebrated in (sometimes) traditional, outrageous and unforgettable locales and cultural moments. I’m wondering how the heck they managed to do that much travel and still manage to look flawless in their photos. What was the timeframe for all these locales? And did they have to get visas for any of the countries? Granted, they didn’t do any travel through Africa or Asia so immunizations and travel grants probably aren’t such a big deal, but still…they did an amazing job of looking at ease and incorporating each country’s traditions into the ceremonies. Really a beautiful job all around!

Here are a few of the highlights from the adventurous couple’s travels. See the full collection of photos here. Congrats to the well-traveled pair! I wonder where they’ll honeymoon…

Banff, Canada



Las Vegas, Nevada

Utila, Honduras

Costa Rica

The couple’s native locale, Didsbury, Manchester, England

Photos via ABC News