Japanese Gift Wrapping: Furoshiki

My sister chastised me one year for wrapping my niece’s presents in newly bought, shiny gift wrap. Apparently it was “wasteful and expensive”. Oops. But who doesn’t love a handsomely presented gift??

A-ha! Problem solved. I’m a fabric hoarder. I’ll see a fabric that’s luxurious, colorful, just gotta-have-it. And then it’ll sit in my closet. Forever. But now I have a great solution for wrapping and appeasing my sis – furoshiki. This age old Japanese method of wrapping things in fabric isn’t just for presents. Packing a picnic or a small item for work can be sweet and useful. And they make beautiful handbags and holders for just about anything.

A simple sweep up of one side, and then the other and a simple knot on top, looks like this:

Photo via Sweet Pine Soaps

Transport and gift wine easily like this:

Photo and instructions via Martha Stewart

Plus many more fun and complicated methods can be found at Makezine.