Late Night Treat | Take Home Favor : Wedding Cookies

For our wedding day favor, instead of a keepsake, we gave away bags of freshly baked cookies tied to cartons of milk. Our guests absolutely gushed about it after all the dancing. It was a favor that was much appreciated and totally hit the spot. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite takes on baked goodies in different themes. Enjoy!

The look of homemade-ness is totally irresistible although I’m more of a regular milk kinda gal!

Cookies-and-Milk-Wedding-FavorsPhoto via One to Wed

The pretty dove and bunny are almost too sweet to eat!

dove-and-bunny-rabbit-ivory-and-gold-iced-biscuits-1-LRPhoto via Julia Stallwood Cakes

I adore the (edible) handwritten quality with the bright monogram. So chic!

_DSC0970_184Photo via Haniela’s

Play up the romance with an engagement ring cookie.

5868307400Image via Sweet Kiera

A macaroon package of coordinating colors – love it!

120189883776642274_yL2uH4fpImage via Pinterest


Do You Know What You’re Serving at Your Bar? Signature Drink Choices

There’s nothing like having a signature drink at your wedding. It saves on the bar bill and your guests will love trying your favorite concoction.

img_gathertogetherlg_5Lavender and blueberry goodness via Country Home

signature drinksMultiple signature choices via Rustic Wedding Chic

white-wine-spritzer-signature-cocktailWhite wine spritzer via One Hitched Lane

Check out this booze list from Brooklyn Bride’s guide of liquors for some fun and small label choices. What’s your custom cocktail going to be?


Too Pretty To Eat…Almost

Hubby and I went out last night to run to the library. But on the way, we decided to find donuts. The one place that I had heard was fantastic was Washtenaw Dairy, the local ice cream place. When we walked in, there was a sign that read, “one dozen donuts, $3”. I was floored and made a comment about how they had snagged us. The lanky high school kid behind the counter said, “Actually, they’re $2 now.” We stopped dead in a our tracks. It was after all, an hour before closing time. We made no suggestion as to what flavors we wanted. Just pile ’em in. 

An hour and a half and three donuts later, I was in a carb heaven. And I’m still on the search.

When I stumbled across these beautiful photos of the Dark Chocolate Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream at Sweetapolita, I just had to find the recipe. And here it is – Bon Apetit!

Wouldn’t this make the most beautiful cake at a shower or engagement party? I can’t wait to try it out! xx

Stepping it Up : The Dinner Salad

How many salads have you eaten at a wedding? How many do you remember? Exactly. They’ve become necessary roughage. I think that wedding fare should be scrumptious, memorable and real. I know it can be hard to stay under budget but just a few simple items like adding a seasonal fruit or offering the salad course as a bite-size app will be an affordable way to wow your guests while staying within your budget. Here are a few of my favorites.

Did you skip a course or brighten your menu with a couple details? Share them with us!

A seasonal fruit like berries or in this case, peaches, adds a sweet and unexpected touch of color and texture.

Ever thought about a grilled salad? A hearty vegetable like radicchio can stand up to a good searing and creamy cheese like pecorino. Your vegetarian guests will especially appreciate it.

You might not think seaweed when you think salad, but it’s a crunchy and tangy choice. A chunk of seared tuna makes for a beautiful one-bite appetizer.

Bring on the fruit! But make it a pretty, palatable plate with a few citrus choices and pair with a savory dressing to bring out all the bright contrasting flavors.

A simple but unexpected spinach salad won’t break the bank but will delight guests with walnuts and creamy cheese.