What Did Justin and Jessica’s Wedding Look Like?

Justin Timberlark and Jessica Biel got married over the weekend in southern Italy, keeping all details mum until they released it themselves to the press. While we wait for photos to be released on Wednesday (in People Magazine), let’s look at some of the bridal details we do know. Congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Custom monogram wine glasses, set of 4, only $34


What did Anne and Adam’s Wedding Look Like?

I’m enamored with the blurry photos of Anne Hathaway’s nuptials to jewelry designer, Adam Shulman this past Saturday. With around 100 guests they supposedly spent a whopping $100,000 on floral alone. Good for them! Here’s my vision of their day in Big Sur.

Headpiece from Arabia Weddings

There was definitely champagne – that’s a no brainer! Swirl toasting flute set, $28 per pair

Lily and hydrangea arrangement from Blossom, via Chin-Azzaro

Branches from the Bridal Circle

Anne wore a delicate off-shoulder Valentino ballgown





One Couple, Thirty Weddings

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant couldn’t come up with one dream wedding destination. So instead they chose 30! From Banff, Canada to Antigua to Hawaii, the couple celebrated in (sometimes) traditional, outrageous and unforgettable locales and cultural moments. I’m wondering how the heck they managed to do that much travel and still manage to look flawless in their photos. What was the timeframe for all these locales? And did they have to get visas for any of the countries? Granted, they didn’t do any travel through Africa or Asia so immunizations and travel grants probably aren’t such a big deal, but still…they did an amazing job of looking at ease and incorporating each country’s traditions into the ceremonies. Really a beautiful job all around!

Here are a few of the highlights from the adventurous couple’s travels. See the full collection of photos here. Congrats to the well-traveled pair! I wonder where they’ll honeymoon…

Banff, Canada



Las Vegas, Nevada

Utila, Honduras

Costa Rica

The couple’s native locale, Didsbury, Manchester, England

Photos via ABC News

Celebrating That “Just Married” Moment

Our wedding was such a fun night,  but it went by all too quickly. Most of it seems like a blur so I’m happy that the few moments after the ceremony, our guests went inside for hors d’oeuvres and we had photos taken alone. All the nerves and months of planning were over and it was time to just have fun in our first moments of “just married.”

Here are some creative ways to celebrate it during and after the wedding.

Via 100 Layer Cake

Via Pinterest

Via Event Lanterns

Via Little Retreats

Via The Wedding Co.

Via 100 Layer Cake

Real Wedding: Joel + Amanda

Our friends at Deep Grey just sent us the sweetest wedding. Joel and Amanda are the most beautiful couple – don’t they just look utterly thrilled? – and their luscious red color theme sets everything off beautifully. And the best part? The castle moon walk at the end of the evening. How ingenious is that!

Congrats to the newlyweds and many thanks to our friends at Deep Grey!

The Night Before: Packing the Wedding Bag

The night before my wedding some of my closest friends and I stayed at our friend’s house, ordered in pizza, drank wine and just spent quality time together. It was one of the best parts of my wedding-planning process. That night, I made sure to pack all the essentials that I’d need (besides my wedding dress and shoes that had already been transported separately).

Here are a few key essentials that you’ll want for your wedding overnight bag:

1. A customized silk bag is a great way to carry all your belongings. Your MOH and bridesmaids would love this too!

2. You’ll want to look smashing in your get-ready photos the morning of. A silk robe will give you the elegance you’re looking for in the make up photos. Silk robe, Victoria’s Secret, $128

3. The most romantic and supportive bustier you’ll find. Carefully wrap and roll in tissue to keep from flattening the form. Affinitas, bridal bustier

4. Elegant wedding jewelry for the big day. Chandelier earrings (matching pendant available separately), Rhinestone and pearl chandelier earrings, $57 ** Right now, 10%! Use code: J712RLY

5. Your make up bag embroidered with your monogram won’t get mixed up with everyone else’s goodies, personalized cosmetic bag, $10

6. Your jewelry rolled safely in a roll. This one is custom silk shantung, a great bridesmaid gift too! Personalized jewelry roll, $10

7. Comfortable shoes to run around in the next day. They’ll match any outfit you toss in the bag and get where you need to go in style and comfort the morning of the wedding, Viv printed flats, J. Crew, $198

Travel Tip: Luggage Ribbons

I have a black carry on bag and a black pull-along. They’re perfect companions and have gotten me through long weekends and month-long excursions. I love that because they’re dark, they don’t show wear and tear as much. Thing is, everyone had the same idea. When the conveyer belt siren goes off, mine and dozens more like it come sliding down the ramp into a sea of black luggage. Thank goodness they make such simple and classy things as luggage ribbons. Just $9 each and you can have anything you want embroidered on them. Genius!

No Hassle Traveling: Accessories for easy travel

Do you love or dread traveling? I love landing in a new destination, not knowing what to expect or what I’ll see. I hate the going-to-the-airport-and-getting-through-security part. Maybe you already know all the ins and outs of packing liquids in your carry-on.

Here are some of my favorite items to make your life – and travel – much easier.

Keep your passports safe and your luggage tagged with this handsome set. Passport cover and luggage tag set, $20

Toss them in your bag and slip them on for the plane ride. Makes a great bridesmaid gift! Ballet flats in custom embroidered bag, $24

I put all my toiletries in there too! Men’s micro fiber toiletry bag, $27