A Few of My Favorite *Red* Things

I really love this time of year. It’s festive and fun and there’s too much eye candy to handle. While I’m shopping for others, I’m taking in all kinds of inspiration for the upcoming year too. Lately I’ve been curating a lot of red. Enjoy the rich colors and themes! Happy Friday, everyone. 12Graphic and modern cake via Project Wedding

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 7.11.44 PM

Toms Vegan Wrap boots

verona_albumVerona memory book with Austrian crystal brooch via Tenereze

ft_wrapping02_xlJust like Julie Andrews sang, “brown paper packages tied up with string…” via Martha Stewart


centerPopup('detail_zoom');showDiv('detail_zoom');showDiv('thumbnaildata_zoom')Charles Shanghai slippers via Revolve Clothing


Red Rose & Anemone BouquetAnemones and roses. I’m in love! Via Fleurology

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 7.13.53 PM

Bud vase favors, multiple colors via Tenereze

void(0)-1For the man in your life: Thomas Mason J. Crew slim shirt


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Four Great Uses for the Glass Cylinder

Flowers, ornaments, water, candles. What ever you decide to fill it with, a glass cylinder is a simple way to make a big statement on your entryway table or as a centerpiece. I like to keep a few handy under the sink to pull out for all types of occasions. They’re a lifesaver when you need an extra vessel and can serve multiple purposes at a wedding or shower. Here are four of my favorite looks with the inexpensive glass cylinder, in all different sizes too.

Place trimmed floral, slowly add water – voila! Lots of bang for your buck. Image : Martha Stewart

Take advantage of your palette and use multiple cylinders to include all your colors. Image : Added Touch Catering

Skip putting anything in the cylinder. Simply use its height and transparency as a beautiful stalk for arrangements. Image : Wedding Bell Talk

Cover the cylinder with decorative paper and group them together for a totally different effect. Image : Lansdowne Life

Recipe: Fancy, Not-So-Fancy Hot Cocoa

Aahhhh. The weekend marked the start of Autumn and right on time, it was gloomy, rainy and chilly. But no complaints here! I swapped out my summer dresses for fuzzy sweaters and made my first batch of hot cocoa. It really is the easiest recipe, it’s not even worth being called a recipe. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and I’m sharing it with you today. Here are the simple things you need:

Custom Script Initial Mug, $12

1 tsp. honey. Image from Silverbow Honey *Honey is the secret ingredient that makes this taste so warm and decadent!

12 ounces milk per serving – don’t even think about using water!!

Frothing milk is super simple, and a nice treat. Instructions at Real Simple

Whisk (optional, if you’re foaming milk). 

Hot cocoa powder, your favorite brand will work. Image from Foodie-isms

Who doesn’t love marshmallows??


1. Put 2 tbsp. cocoa powder and 1 tsp. honey in your favorite mug.

2. Add 12 ounces of milk to a saucepan, turn to medium heat.

3. As you see small bubbles start to form, start whisking for 1 minute. Milk with begin to thicken.

4. Pour hot milk immediately into mug. Mix thoroughly.

5. Top with marshmallows. Enjoy!

Gifts For…Everyone! Custom Pillows for Everyday

You can never have too many pillows. Ok, even when I’m going to bed at night and tossing extra throw pillows off, I still love stacking them as I’m making the bed the next morning. There’s just something cozy, comfy and sweet-looking about them. Don’t you think? Even better, imagine having your own color-coordinated set of custom pillows. Go from this…

To this!

Custom monogram and colors

Choose your own color

Adorable! Choose your dog breed and add a name. Perfect for the dog lover!

Classic custom monogram and multiple colors to choose from

“I Do” pillow with your special date.

All of them can be customized by color, date and more! And any time you order two, you automatically get 15% off. Yay! Order gifts for others – and yourself – here!

Cutest DIY Ever! – Make Your Own Anthro Animal Necklaces via Flamingo Toes

When I saw this, I just had to share. This is by far my fav DIY tutorial of the moment! Scratch buying the Anthropologie versions of these mini animal necklaces – just make your own! Here’s the lowdown step by step for making your own Animal Necklaces. And notice the amazing crowns on the DIY version. I’m sure you can find some unique details of your own at your local craft store. Get the super glue ready. Thanks, Flamingo Toes!

The Anthro version, $38 each

The DIY version. Can you really tell the difference?

All the step by step goodness can be found here!

Our Latest Video: Photo Collage Frame How To

You have to see the latest and cutest video we just put together to show you how to make your own Photo Collage Frame. Made of high-quality wood and assembled in the U.S.A., your frame arrives quickly and safely wrapped, ready to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any happy occasion!

Here’s how to make one yourself.

3 Tips for Getting Your Zzzzs…

I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Like I’ll get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and take forever to fall asleep again. Or I’ll go to bed with something on my mind and end up fretting, tossing and turning. If I get up to surf the internet or get a glass of milk, it only ensures that I’ll be up for another hour, wasting time and still worrying. Because I’m a worry wart. Here are three tips that help me to sleep slightly easier.

Dress in Layers

I like pillows and lots of blanket layers. Even if it’s hot, I like the option of a thin, medium and heavy cover. Of course everyone is different but if you don’t have a nice sheet set, splurge for one. Because you won’t know that you were missing a 300+ thread count until you’ve experienced it.

Printed Batik Quilt, $84

Dreamy Scents

Preparing for sleep is just as important as falling asleep. I like to put on the dim light and make sure the room is breezy with the window open or the fan blowing. (I’m a finicky sleeper)! The extra touch of a room spray or fragrant floral associates slumber for me so I love dried lavender or a scent like Basil Room Freshener does the trick.

Basil Room Freshener, $4.99

Night Light

Every evening when I walk into my bedroom, I don’t turn on the overhead, only the soft glow of the orb lamp on my nightstand. It’s just enough light to read by but dim enough to make my eyelids heavy – the perfect accessory after a long day. And, you can adjust the bulb voltage to what ever you please.

Fado Table Lamp, $19.99

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Gifts for: Little Girls

My niece is turning 7 this weekend (I still can’t believe it) and she’s a princess. That is, when she’s not playing in the mud and making a mess! When you think of girls, is it all pink and frills? I like to think that there’s more to it. What’s the best present you ever gave or got (as a little girl)?

A cupcake cute enough to wear. Girls cupcake henley dress, $55

Every princess needs one. Mini tiara, $24

Cute for adults, cute for kids, baby Baggu, $7

Simple and sweet.  Rhinestone heart necklace, $23

Party shoes! Girls leopard loafers, $29.95

Kids always beat me at this one. Charley Hopper Memory game, $14.95