The Perfect Present : Personalized Christmas Presents

initial-round-ornamentFor your sister: Monogram round Christmas ornament, just $10


For your best friend: Candy cane personalized frame, $24

star-christmas-tree-ornament-1For your parents: Family name Christmas tree star ornament, $10

23knFor your mom: Crystal initial necklace, $14

14033na_1For your guests: A great wedding favor and keepsake ornament! Snowflake frame, set of 4 just $12

baby-s-first-christmas-round-ornamentFor the new parents: Baby’s first Christmas personalized round ornament, $10


Customizing Christmas Gifts on #CyberMonday with Free Shipping!

There’s an endless list of custom gifts at Tenereze and something for everyone. Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

Custom name photo frames

Mosaic Quilt with custom embroidery

Wine Bottles Pillow with initial

Monogram wine glass set

Script initial mug

Crystal initial necklace

Best #BlackFriday Deal of All! 50% off everything :)

Get all your shopping done today with custom, monogram gifts including photo frames, quilts, mugs and more! Simply use code: fri50 for half off everything. Happy shopping!

Frivolous and Totally Affordable: Custom Dinner Pieces

Your friends don’t have to know. The in-laws will be so impressed. Monogram glassware and candle votives can be affordable! Get a set of 4, 8, 12 with a letter of your choice and don’t say a thing. Just let them ooh and aah…

Red wine, set of 4, $34

White wine, set of 4, $34

Chalkboard frosted tea lights, set of 4, $11

Stemless glassware, set of 4, $20


Recipe: Fancy, Not-So-Fancy Hot Cocoa

Aahhhh. The weekend marked the start of Autumn and right on time, it was gloomy, rainy and chilly. But no complaints here! I swapped out my summer dresses for fuzzy sweaters and made my first batch of hot cocoa. It really is the easiest recipe, it’s not even worth being called a recipe. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and I’m sharing it with you today. Here are the simple things you need:

Custom Script Initial Mug, $12

1 tsp. honey. Image from Silverbow Honey *Honey is the secret ingredient that makes this taste so warm and decadent!

12 ounces milk per serving – don’t even think about using water!!

Frothing milk is super simple, and a nice treat. Instructions at Real Simple

Whisk (optional, if you’re foaming milk). 

Hot cocoa powder, your favorite brand will work. Image from Foodie-isms

Who doesn’t love marshmallows??


1. Put 2 tbsp. cocoa powder and 1 tsp. honey in your favorite mug.

2. Add 12 ounces of milk to a saucepan, turn to medium heat.

3. As you see small bubbles start to form, start whisking for 1 minute. Milk with begin to thicken.

4. Pour hot milk immediately into mug. Mix thoroughly.

5. Top with marshmallows. Enjoy!

#MuseMonday: Inspirations for Every Occasion

WEDDING : Lovely peonies and palette at  | RECEPTION :  Heart shaped amazingness via Souvlaki for the Soul

WEDDING GIFT : Perfectly mismatched Batik Sham via Tenereze  |  BIRTHDAY : Moth Identification Chart print via Small Talk Studio

ENGAGEMENT PARTY : Strapless, chiffon, pretty via David’s Bridal  | BACHELORETTE : So much drama with peacock details via Prom Garter

Gifts For…Everyone! Custom Pillows for Everyday

You can never have too many pillows. Ok, even when I’m going to bed at night and tossing extra throw pillows off, I still love stacking them as I’m making the bed the next morning. There’s just something cozy, comfy and sweet-looking about them. Don’t you think? Even better, imagine having your own color-coordinated set of custom pillows. Go from this…

To this!

Custom monogram and colors

Choose your own color

Adorable! Choose your dog breed and add a name. Perfect for the dog lover!

Classic custom monogram and multiple colors to choose from

“I Do” pillow with your special date.

All of them can be customized by color, date and more! And any time you order two, you automatically get 15% off. Yay! Order gifts for others – and yourself – here!

My Favorite Things Right Now

I’ve been obsessing about a few items lately and now I’m going to share…

Things that sparkle.

Butter nail lacquers

 Love a bit of bling for evening. Crystal circle earrings, $42

Things that grow.

I’ve been enamored with her work for a while. Paula Hayes never ceases to amaze me with her mini worlds.

Crack open the Eggling and grow your own herbs and flowers on the counter.

Things that make noise.

Surprise crackers for holiday or everyday via Design Sponge

Pop Rocks, a nostalgic favorite. Did you know they came in chocolate!??!

3 Tips for Getting Your Zzzzs…

I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Like I’ll get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and take forever to fall asleep again. Or I’ll go to bed with something on my mind and end up fretting, tossing and turning. If I get up to surf the internet or get a glass of milk, it only ensures that I’ll be up for another hour, wasting time and still worrying. Because I’m a worry wart. Here are three tips that help me to sleep slightly easier.

Dress in Layers

I like pillows and lots of blanket layers. Even if it’s hot, I like the option of a thin, medium and heavy cover. Of course everyone is different but if you don’t have a nice sheet set, splurge for one. Because you won’t know that you were missing a 300+ thread count until you’ve experienced it.

Printed Batik Quilt, $84

Dreamy Scents

Preparing for sleep is just as important as falling asleep. I like to put on the dim light and make sure the room is breezy with the window open or the fan blowing. (I’m a finicky sleeper)! The extra touch of a room spray or fragrant floral associates slumber for me so I love dried lavender or a scent like Basil Room Freshener does the trick.

Basil Room Freshener, $4.99

Night Light

Every evening when I walk into my bedroom, I don’t turn on the overhead, only the soft glow of the orb lamp on my nightstand. It’s just enough light to read by but dim enough to make my eyelids heavy – the perfect accessory after a long day. And, you can adjust the bulb voltage to what ever you please.

Fado Table Lamp, $19.99

Happy Color Monday

Here’s a little bit of color to bring you some happy this Monday.

Real men aren’t afraid of color. Cole Haan

Bright Chevron Pattern frame, $24

Rainbow Betsey Johnson Chelsea pump, $180

Legacy pieces and accessories from Coach

Sephora Studio Customizable Eye Palette, $34

Mini cupcakes from Sprinkles