Gifts For: The Beer Lover

Lager, pilsner or stout? Do you know the difference and which glass it should be served in? My husband is quite the beer connoisseur. I’ve definitely grown my taste for it over the years and find wheats to be my favorite. If you have a beer lover in your life, there’s certain to be a brew that’s just perfect for summer-gifting.

For someone that loves them all, give them a beer flight set to show off at home. It comes with a wooden display and notches for all four beers. It’ll knock their socks off! Beer flight sampler, $49

For the groomsman that loves a good draft beer, the traditional beer mug can be frozen to give you a frosty taste at home. Personalize it with monogram or name ($4 extra), Beer mug, $15

The pilsner is a light form of lager and has been enjoyed since the early 1800s. A custom glassware set is sure to please the pilsner lover. Pilsner glass, set of 4, $31.50

It’s a no-brainer to order up a pint. Now offer the same bar staple at home with this handsome set of four pint glasses, customized with your monogram or name ($4 extra). Perfect with a crisp wheat beer and a slice of citrus on the side. Pint glass, set of 4, $20


Grill Time: The Goods and the Goodies

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

What do you have your BBQ arsenal? My husband used to love using the charcoal starter to get things going quickly without the use of lighter fluid. Then he would put a couple bricks of damp wood (usually cherry or what ever he had on hand) to smoke more flavor into our grilled meats. It was quite a process but we had some memorable meals because of it. What are your grilling and entertaining rituals?

You can find a charcoal starter at your local hardware or home goods store.

3 pc. custom BBQ grill set, on sale for limited time, $58.50

Bring over a great host/hostess gift, personalized with their name. Or better yet, get one for yourself and never mix up who’s drinks are who’s!

Personalized party cooler, on sale for limited time, $58.50

A nice, chilled white wine is the perfect start to a summer evening.

Set of 4 custom white wine glasses, on sale limited time, $30.60


4th of July: Host/Hostess Gifts

Where will you be for the 4th? It’s a holiday that’s super festive but can be hard to plan for and difficult to buy a host/hostess gift. Here are some of the most patriotic and fun gifts for others – and a few I’m sure you’ll want for yourself!

For the Host/Hostess

Stars frame, on sale $21.60

Beer flight set, $44.10

Stars Stripes letter dish set, $67.50

For Yourself

3 pc. BBQ set, carrier personalized for just $58.50

Stripes pillow, $24.30

4th of July Recipes: Red, White and Blue all over!

It’s almost here! When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to see the sky light up with fireworks and the smell (which I think is disgusting now) of residual gunpowder in the air. I would think that the fiery stars were going to fall right on top of me as faded and fell away. Now I love preparing for the big night with a cook out and some delicious recipes. What’s your favorite 4th of July ritual?

I found some really fun food and drinks to share with the kids. Enjoy!

Make a magical “floating” potion with a Patriotic drink recipe

Make the simplest white cake and decorate it with fresh berries! Flag cake how-to

So sweet and yummy, the Red, White and Blue Parfait via Martha Stewart

A few more fun 4th of July food tips:

  • Have the kids dip their ice cream sandwiches and cones in red, white and blue sprinkles. An instant holiday treat!
  • Cut the sugar in half and give them a fun, fizzy drink by mixing blue fruit punch with sparkling water.
  • Stock up on healthy goodies and eat some thing red, white or blue with your meals for the holiday: blueberries on cereal, red peppers on pizza, coconut flakes in yogurt.
  • Freeze (sliced) strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in your ice cubes for a fun surprise as you sip your drinks.

Accessories for Summer Fun

Wow your guests with colorful summertime favorites like Arnold Palmers and sangria in your custom stemless glassware. Personalized stemless glassware, set of 4, $20 | Inexpensive and fabulous for any table display, our transparent bud vases come in a wide array of rainbow colors including blue, green, purple, magenta, and yellow. Bud vases, set of 5, $20 | Holiday or everyday, these ceramic dishes make every tabletop a gorgeous centerpiece. Love Letter dishes, only $7 each (full alphabet available along with “&” and heart)! All available at Tenereze. 15% off $50, no coupon code needed.

Bridal Board: 4th of July

Before I leave you for the weekend, don’t forget this Sunday the 17th is Father’s Day. I dropped my card in the mail but I’ll see him next weekend when he visits. *yay!*

Here’s a little something to get you in the mood for all things 4th of July. I can still remember anticipating the cook out and trip to the local air field to watch the fireworks. I didn’t care about the mosquitoes or long yawns as I laid out and watched the explosions of colors over my face. Makes me feel all patriotic, warm and fuzzy inside. Do you know where you’ll be watching fireworks or lighting sparklers?

Have a great weekend, everyone! *Enter the Love Letter dish contest for a $75 gift certificate. It’s super easy – good luck.

Image: Cake, | Red Allure Ring Pillow, Tenereze, $30 | Image: Water pitcher, Ruche | Image: Sparklers, | Blue Oyster Tealight Lantern, set of 4, Tenereze, $20 | Blue Flower Handkerchief, Tenereze, $17 | Louisa dress in chiffon, J. Crew, $250