Too Pretty To Eat…Almost

Hubby and I went out last night to run to the library. But on the way, we decided to find donuts. The one place that I had heard was fantastic was Washtenaw Dairy, the local ice cream place. When we walked in, there was a sign that read, “one dozen donuts, $3”. I was floored and made a comment about how they had snagged us. The lanky high school kid behind the counter said, “Actually, they’re $2 now.” We stopped dead in a our tracks. It was after all, an hour before closing time. We made no suggestion as to what flavors we wanted. Just pile ’em in. 

An hour and a half and three donuts later, I was in a carb heaven. And I’m still on the search.

When I stumbled across these beautiful photos of the Dark Chocolate Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream at Sweetapolita, I just had to find the recipe. And here it is – Bon Apetit!

Wouldn’t this make the most beautiful cake at a shower or engagement party? I can’t wait to try it out! xx


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