Stepping it Up : The Dinner Salad

How many salads have you eaten at a wedding? How many do you remember? Exactly. They’ve become necessary roughage. I think that wedding fare should be scrumptious, memorable and real. I know it can be hard to stay under budget but just a few simple items like adding a seasonal fruit or offering the salad course as a bite-size app will be an affordable way to wow your guests while staying within your budget. Here are a few of my favorites.

Did you skip a course or brighten your menu with a couple details? Share them with us!

A seasonal fruit like berries or in this case, peaches, adds a sweet and unexpected touch of color and texture.

Ever thought about a grilled salad? A hearty vegetable like radicchio can stand up to a good searing and creamy cheese like pecorino. Your vegetarian guests will especially appreciate it.

You might not think seaweed when you think salad, but it’s a crunchy and tangy choice. A chunk of seared tuna makes for a beautiful one-bite appetizer.

Bring on the fruit! But make it a pretty, palatable plate with a few citrus choices and pair with a savory dressing to bring out all the bright contrasting flavors.

A simple but unexpected spinach salad won’t break the bank but will delight guests with walnuts and creamy cheese.


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