3 Steps for Changing Wedding Plans or (gasp!) Canceling Them

We’re not sure what Hurricane Sandy is supposed to do yet but I hope that everyone in it’s path has safe shelter and supplies to get through it. What do you do when you have big plans, such as a wedding to hold off or even cancel? Here are three steps to make sure you let everyone know right away.


1. Split the guests into two groups: bride and groom. Enlist the help of one or two organized friends to help you and your partner check people off the list as they’re notified.

2. Text or email first, it’s the easiest and fastest way to let people know your changed plans. Whether it’s 4 hours or 48 hours, your guests will appreciate every minute they have to make new arrangements. Don’t waste time fretting over the inevitable, just do it. For those that are already traveling or don’t have access to digital media, call them. Leave a message, keep calling, what ever you have to do to get a hold of them.

3. Update your wedding website. Your guests may hear murmurings and want to get the real story. Give as much detailed information as you can so that everyone has the same information.

From here all you can do is wait. Don’t worry about what everyone will think. Right now, what matters most is that you feel good about your decision and let people know as soon as possible. Good luck!


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