Yes, I’ll Take Two of Each…Fall Gifts for Me!

When I woke up to walk the dog this morning I lazily slipped on my flats and ran out, no mind to the gloomy clouds rolling through. I was halfway down the block when I wish I had worn socks. Fall is definitely starting to settle in, (officially in two days on September 22nd), I get teary-eyed thinking about nostalgic apple picking and donuts and jumping in piles of leaves. I may not have that anymore with apartment living, at least not the raking part, but I do love a Fall wardrobe change! What’re you adding to your closet and home?

GIFT : An easy gift and a great hot cocoa companion. Custom Monogram mug, $12  |  SHOES : Snuggly and lots of character for everyday wear. Mizo Boots, $12

CLOSET : I WISH I could get these! Joseph leather front leggings, $830  |  BODY : This is a must-have for easy carrying. Dooney & Bourke leather cross body bag, $198

HOME : Such a great mantra, perfect to wake up to. Live, Laugh, Love pillow, $27




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