What To Do If You Don’t Have Wrapping Paper

In our early years of dating, my boyfriend Nick, (now husband) bought me the DVD Step Up as part of my Christmas present. Feel free to judge me but remember, I’m the one with all the kickass dance moves. One evening we went out to dinner, presents wrapped in a pile and came home to find that Charlie, our Jack Russell had shredded the packaging the movie came in. No, not the DVD case. The empty cereal box that he thought would be a great idea to put it in to obscure the fact that it was a DVD.

Isn’t she adorbs?? I could never be mad at her…

I wouldn’t have minded the smell of corn flakes every time I watched that beloved film but I was a little taken aback that I was living with someone that would put a present in a food box. He could’ve done one of three things:

1. Just wrapped the damn present. Who cares if I knew what that one present was?

2. Put it in a gift bag *See Thursday’s post on making your own gift bag!

3. Put it in a non-food box.

That all aside, I do have to give him credit for having used very cute Christmas paper (that I bought) and he tried. He really, really tried! Love that.

But what do you do if you’re in a last minute bind and don’t have gift wrap at home?

1. Newspaper and some cute twine, string or ribbon.

Photo via CheapLoveBook.com

2. Cut apart a brown paper bag and curl some ribbon.

Photo via Brunch at Saks

3. Have an old map lying around? Use it!

Photo via Casa Sugar

4. For a small present, even an interesting magazine page will do.

5. Cut a length of ribbon and just wrap it around the present!

See tomorrow’s post on wrapping presents in fabric in the traditional Japanese Furoshiki method. Have a great day!

Photo via Kyoto Foodie


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