Wedding Insurance: Why Do We Need It?

Your big day is approaching and there are so many details to worry about. One thing that I never thought about, or even found about for that matter, was wedding insurance. After I read about it I was relieved that none of these scenarios had taken place because we would’ve been really stuck. Different types of insurance ensure that you get some or all of the money that you invest into your day depending on the situation. With all the financial commitments and deposits, we would’ve lost tons. Here are three scenarios that could really use a lifesaver.

Your venue shuts down. 

Yep, you read that right. Whether there’s a natural disaster like a flood or fire, your wedding location could have an emergency where you they can’t access records in time to refund your money. Or worse, they won’t refund it at all. Remember to always read the fine print on any catering or venur contract you sign. Insurance will get you your deposit or the cost that you’ve spent so far, depending on what kind of coverage you have.

Someone drops the cake. 

Or rips your dress. Or all the rented glassware for the reception is broken before it arrives. Mistakes happen and event insurance can cover the mishaps that happen at the actual event.

You change your mind. 

Here’s one that you may not want to think about. Life is finicky and there’s no way to foresee what can happen. Maybe you’ve paid for the reception, catering, floral…and you just don’t feel right about things. Or one of you gets cold feet (and that’s ok!). If the wedding doesn’t go through, for some very unfortunate reason, you’ll be covered.

Do you have a mishap story that was saved because you were insured? Or perhaps you should’ve been? Share your story with us!

Call your insurance agent to get more details about what kind of assurance you’ll need surrounding your big day. Good luck!

Photos via Brides


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