Labor Day Weekend: Where Will You Be?

My holiday weekend starts tomorrow and I’m spending each day with family and friends. As we all prepare to go back to school and buckle down at work, I think about this unusually long summer we’ve had and what a great one it’s been. Where are you spending your last holiday weekend of the summer? Where ever it is, enjoy it!

Untapped Cities  |  Balloons via Pinterest

A setting for friends via You Are My Fave  |  A custom Tenereze Grill Set, $65

An intimate and colorful party via Katy Elliott  |  A good night with the girls 100 Layer Cake

Cutest DIY Ever! – Make Your Own Anthro Animal Necklaces via Flamingo Toes

When I saw this, I just had to share. This is by far my fav DIY tutorial of the moment! Scratch buying the Anthropologie versions of these mini animal necklaces – just make your own! Here’s the lowdown step by step for making your own Animal Necklaces. And notice the amazing crowns on the DIY version. I’m sure you can find some unique details of your own at your local craft store. Get the super glue ready. Thanks, Flamingo Toes!

The Anthro version, $38 each

The DIY version. Can you really tell the difference?

All the step by step goodness can be found here!

Location Style: Which One’s For You?

I love the city. The hustle and bustle, the people, the electric energy of nightlife. But in the last couple years I’ve been yearning for quiet, green space. So I can see why it’s so hard to choose a location when you’re planning the wedding. We got married in the city under a tent, in a courtyard off a noisy street. It was kind of the best of both worlds. But some people really love the escape and I don’t blame them.

Which one are you?

First | Clive Nichols Photography

Second | Elizabeth Ann Designs

Third |  Good Fon

Fourth | Ammorphia Beauty Bar

I is for Invitation Innovation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over three years since our wedding, really four years since the planning madness began. I spent easily hundreds of hours obsessing about our invitations, what paper to use, what format, if we should do a booklet (in the end I opted not to and went with the idea for our program as a keepsake instead). I considered everything from circus stripes to Modern furniture for themes. Since we were cross country (him in LA, me in Chicago) we decided to go for an airmail theme.

For all the stress, I ultimately went with a pretty plain jane vertical card wrapped in craft paper with custom logo stickers. I still love it now but every once in a while I’ll see an invitation and have *total invite envy.* Look on to see what I mean!

Edyta Photography

Oh Happy Day

Dainty Dots Handkerchief and It Takes Two Handkerchief invitation via Tenereze

Handkerchief project via Bird and Banner

Pinata invitation via Lindsey Stafford Photography

One Couple, Thirty Weddings

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant couldn’t come up with one dream wedding destination. So instead they chose 30! From Banff, Canada to Antigua to Hawaii, the couple celebrated in (sometimes) traditional, outrageous and unforgettable locales and cultural moments. I’m wondering how the heck they managed to do that much travel and still manage to look flawless in their photos. What was the timeframe for all these locales? And did they have to get visas for any of the countries? Granted, they didn’t do any travel through Africa or Asia so immunizations and travel grants probably aren’t such a big deal, but still…they did an amazing job of looking at ease and incorporating each country’s traditions into the ceremonies. Really a beautiful job all around!

Here are a few of the highlights from the adventurous couple’s travels. See the full collection of photos here. Congrats to the well-traveled pair! I wonder where they’ll honeymoon…

Banff, Canada



Las Vegas, Nevada

Utila, Honduras

Costa Rica

The couple’s native locale, Didsbury, Manchester, England

Photos via ABC News

Floral Friday

1. Anemones make such a statement and photograph beautifully. Brides

2. What if your guests found this as a centerpiece at their table? Edible Arrangements

3. I love this subtle palette coupled with the shiny vase. Floral Art, $225

4. Simple and sweet calla lilies. FTD, $29.995.

5.Classic roses make a real statement when they’re arranged low. Martha Stewart

Wedding Insurance: Why Do We Need It?

Your big day is approaching and there are so many details to worry about. One thing that I never thought about, or even found about for that matter, was wedding insurance. After I read about it I was relieved that none of these scenarios had taken place because we would’ve been really stuck. Different types of insurance ensure that you get some or all of the money that you invest into your day depending on the situation. With all the financial commitments and deposits, we would’ve lost tons. Here are three scenarios that could really use a lifesaver.

Your venue shuts down. 

Yep, you read that right. Whether there’s a natural disaster like a flood or fire, your wedding location could have an emergency where you they can’t access records in time to refund your money. Or worse, they won’t refund it at all. Remember to always read the fine print on any catering or venur contract you sign. Insurance will get you your deposit or the cost that you’ve spent so far, depending on what kind of coverage you have.

Someone drops the cake. 

Or rips your dress. Or all the rented glassware for the reception is broken before it arrives. Mistakes happen and event insurance can cover the mishaps that happen at the actual event.

You change your mind. 

Here’s one that you may not want to think about. Life is finicky and there’s no way to foresee what can happen. Maybe you’ve paid for the reception, catering, floral…and you just don’t feel right about things. Or one of you gets cold feet (and that’s ok!). If the wedding doesn’t go through, for some very unfortunate reason, you’ll be covered.

Do you have a mishap story that was saved because you were insured? Or perhaps you should’ve been? Share your story with us!

Call your insurance agent to get more details about what kind of assurance you’ll need surrounding your big day. Good luck!

Photos via Brides

Pattern Love

1. Whimsical White Swirls vellum gift wrap, Paper Source, $1.50

2. Art deco pattern, Archipelago Necklace, $165

3. Feminine Paul & Joe lipstick collection cases

4. Perfectly mismatched Printed Batik Pillow Sham, $24.50

5. Lighthearted Bicycle mug, $12

6. Tribal print Breona Geometric Dress, BCBG, $298

7. Custom named, Chevron frame, $24

Our Latest Video: Photo Collage Frame How To

You have to see the latest and cutest video we just put together to show you how to make your own Photo Collage Frame. Made of high-quality wood and assembled in the U.S.A., your frame arrives quickly and safely wrapped, ready to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any happy occasion!

Here’s how to make one yourself.

A Gift For Yourself: Getting Away from the Ho Hum Weekend

I work from home. So the weeks run into weekends, which run into weeks…You’re probably thinking this is a great problem to have but it’s hard to stop myself from sneaking away to check emails when I’m supposed to be working on a home project. And I run errands all days of the week so I never fee like I’m getting a break. What ever your complaint is, there’s a better way to take advantage of your weekends and time off by taking a new and memorable approach.

Turn it off

No, really. Turn off your phones. Or at least turn the ringers off. If you feel like you can’t live without your phone, believe me, you can. There’s a lot of enjoyment when you’re living in the now and so many of us are guilty of not enjoying it. Do it for an hour, an afternoon, a whole day. The work will be there when you get back!

Photo via Engadget

Give it a theme

Rally up the kids, friends, neighbors and come up with a theme for the afternoon. Set up tents in the back yard and enjoy the company of each other by a fire. Cook dinner and make s’mores under the stars while telling your favorite ghost stories.

Photo via NWF


Or, put on your dressiest attire and throw yourselves a dinner party with the china and crystal that you never use. Surprisingly, most of us never use the “good stuff” even for holiday dinners so why not use it on a random day. Take photos to remember the happy ado!

Photo via Giving Style

Free your mind

It’s so easy to get into a rut. Let each person in your family think of one thing you’ve never done before – and go do it. Maybe you’ve been meaning to finally go canoeing this summer or try Indian food for the first time. Let each person choose an activity (within reason!) and commit to doing it together. It’ll teach you a lot about trying new things and give your kids a sense of adventure too.

Photo via Anglers White River