The Best Gift of All

Last night we celebrated my nieces’s 7th birthday. Since she’s getting a big pool party and cook out tomorrow, this affair was saved just for family. The seven of us gathered around a bit Italian dinner and in typical fashion, it was sprinkled with quips, debates and my niece running around the table after she got her taste of chocolate cake.

The best part, however, was when she opened her gift. My husband and I had bought her a fairy door. If you don’t know what a fairy door is, it’s a tiny little decorated door that attaches to the wall. If you leave little goodies for them, a fairy will take residence there. A sort of magical opening to another world. Of course, I’m a stodgy adult so I know that the little fairy doors hidden around our town are for the “believers”. It’s not that I’m a non-believer, it’s just that I’ve outgrown thinking that leaving a penny or a pretty piece of string will bring the fairy happiness.

But when she saw it, her eyes got so big that we couldn’t help but laugh. After dinner she sat down with my husband and talked about the logistics of what’s going to happen with the fairy door and how she would move in. For all the rambunctious energy she usually has, this really captured her imagination. That by far was the best reaction to a gift we’ve ever given. That was enough to make me believe too.


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