Gifts For: The Traveler in Your Life

I love to travel and I’m a nitpick when it comes down to the details. If there’s something that I can compact, condense or bring along on my carry-on, I’m all for it. Forget waiting in long lines and checking luggage, I’ve traveled internationally and gotten away with two carry-ons. This is also a great project for someone that needs to find gifts for a traveling friend. Gift them monogrammed cosmetic or toiletry bags and they’ll be ready to jetset in style!

Here’s my short list for putting together a pretty great overnight arsenal of travel goods.

1. International reads like: Foreign Babes in Beijing, by Rachel Dewoskin  |  2. A favorite cream to keep your skin hydrated on long flights – and a smell that will remind you of home.  |  3. Lips need hydration too! Bring your lip balm, you’ll need it.  |   4. All your toiletries will fit nicely. Embroidered cosmetic bag, $10 (personalization included)  |  5. Travel size luxuries  |  6. A mini framed photo of your loved one. Elegant place card holder, $3.75  |  7. Keep your jewelry safe with an Embroidered jewelry roll, $10 (personalization included)  |  8. A safety must, hand-cranked flashlight requires no batteries. Don’t get stuck in a hotel not knowing where the light switch is!


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