DIY: Paint your own chalkboard place cards

Gather up some creative friends! Today’s DIY is going to take no time at all and get you tons of compliments on the wedding day or birthday party. Little chalkboard signs are great signage for tables, seating cards, cupcakes, favors, anything! Here’s what you need:

Chalkboard picks, pack of 10, only $8

Acrylic paint (various colors)

Paint brushes (fine detail brushes will work best)


1. Squeeze out your colors on a palette or plastic dish. Use the colors straight out of the tube or mix your own to match your wedding theme.

2. Use water sparingly as needed to make the paint easier to work with but don’t water it down too much. You want the colors to be opaque.

3. Paint designs or names directly on the chalkboard area and wooden stands.

4. Let dry (about 20 minutes).

5. Write in guests’ names if you only painted designs.

I painted an ombre effect, adding a bit more white to the paint before painting each next one.

6. Voila! Too pretty for words.


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