Grill Time: The Goods and the Goodies

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

What do you have your BBQ arsenal? My husband used to love using the charcoal starter to get things going quickly without the use of lighter fluid. Then he would put a couple bricks of damp wood (usually cherry or what ever he had on hand) to smoke more flavor into our grilled meats. It was quite a process but we had some memorable meals because of it. What are your grilling and entertaining rituals?

You can find a charcoal starter at your local hardware or home goods store.

3 pc. custom BBQ grill set, on sale for limited time, $58.50

Bring over a great host/hostess gift, personalized with their name. Or better yet, get one for yourself and never mix up who’s drinks are who’s!

Personalized party cooler, on sale for limited time, $58.50

A nice, chilled white wine is the perfect start to a summer evening.

Set of 4 custom white wine glasses, on sale limited time, $30.60



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