Real Wedding: Joel + Amanda

Our friends at Deep Grey just sent us the sweetest wedding. Joel and Amanda are the most beautiful couple – don’t they just look utterly thrilled? – and their luscious red color theme sets everything off beautifully. And the best part? The castle moon walk at the end of the evening. How ingenious is that!

Congrats to the newlyweds and many thanks to our friends at Deep Grey!


Extra Thought Put Into a Gift: Being there for a Friend

I had to attend a funeral for the father of a very close friend over the weekend and it was excruciating. I hardly knew what to say or do and it was hard to figure out if bringing something was appropriate. But what I’ve learned is that keeping some sense of normalcy, while being particularly supportive, is the way to go. Everyone requires something different when they lose someone in their lives but there are a few things that will help someone that’s grieving.

Cook, make, bake something. A homemade pie or a pan of lasagna will be a comforting sight. While people are grieving they forget to take care of themselves and can forget to eat. The delicious goodies will be a welcome sight when they finally get home and have time to themselves.

Apple Pie recipe via Simply Recipes

Give a personal comfort item. Maybe it’s toiletries after a long trip to come home for the funeral. Or a scented candle for them to set by their bedside for some (hopefully) soothing sleep.

Papa frame, $24

Wrap something pretty. Maybe it’s a photo frame, a piece of small art or a large photo book. Giving something that will be long-lasting and distracting from the moment. Every time they see it, they’ll think of the thought you put into it.

Something nice from Home Goods 

These are just a few ideas for gift giving during a difficult time. The best thing you can do is still offer your priceless presence and support.

Time Saver: Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

There are a million things to do when you’re thinking about a wedding budget. Why not save yourself the anxiety of getting invitations printed by picking up a set yourself and printing them at home? Forget about the stress of deadlines and talking to a designer and make sure it’s done right.

Tenereze is now offering invitation sets! Each set includes:

  • 50 invitations with gold swirl detail
  • 50 invitation envelopes
  • 50 response or reception cards
  • 50 response or reception envelopes
  • Test Printing Sheets, Instructions & Template Information
  • Made with 80# Cardstock

It couldn’t be simpler or more affordable. Yay!

Botanical Green invitation kit, set of 50, $32

Gold Swirl invitation kit, set of 50, $35

Damask wedding invitation kit, set of 50, $32

Platinum Hearts wedding invitation kit, set of 50, $34

Silver Jacket wedding invitation kit, set of 50, $36

Giving Etiquette: Is it Ever Ok to Regift?

You’ve probably considered it. You’ve probably done it. But should you have? Regifting is one of those sticky situations where you know you probably shouldn’t but don’t want a perfectly good gift to go to waste. I mean, just because I can’t use it doesn’t mean that someone can’t. Right? Just make sure your heart’s in the right place. Maybe you don’t have the budget to get a gift, but giving a less-than-exciting present won’t make up for it. You’re better off giving a heartfelt card.

Gift wrap ideas via Martha Stewart

All of us at Tenereze think that giving a gift should be something very special but we understand the need to bend the rules every once in a while. Here are the Dos and Don’ts for Regifting – if you must!

Do give a gift that you would want. Maybe you already have the same vanity mirror and they didn’t include a gift receipt. Or you know someone that wants this exact item and you won’t use it nearly as much. If it’s something coveted, it’s acceptable to regift.

Do check for cards, notes or inscriptions that were made to you. My friend once got a book that had an inscription made out to the person that gave it to him. There’s no way to get out of that one!

Do rewrap it. Put a little bit of care into giving a meaningful presentation, just as you would have had you purchased it yourself.

Do give a gift card. Everyone loves the freedom of picking out what they want. If you’re someone that tends to forget that you have them and you have some to spare, put it in a nice new card and envelope.

Gift wrap options at Paper Source

Which bring us to the Don’ts…

Don’t give a gift card that you’ve scratched the code cover off of. Even if it has the full value, it looks less than new. And don’t give one that’s about the expire.

Don’t regift at a party where your circle of friends will be. If one friend gave you a gift, there’s a chance that they’ll be there or someone that they know will recognize it. Just don’t chance it.

And last but certainly most important – if you’re not sure who gave it to you in the first place, don’t regift it. You might just be returning it to the original giver.


It’s in the Details: Wedding Ideas

You’ve booked the DJ, caterer and you have the dress. But don’t forget about all the little extras that make the day.

Choose florals for the boutonnieres that remind you of a special moment. Lavender, succulents, grain via Style Me Pretty

Someone will forget them, so be prepared. Wedding socks for the men, $13 a pair

Light the walk way or any nook that needs a glow with Blue Oyster tealight lanterns, set of 4, $20

A perfect photo opp! “I do” sticker, $4.50

DIY Herb centerpieces via Martha Stewart

Contemporary yet timeless, Cylinder Toasting Flutes, $25 a pair


Custom Gift Sale: Pillows

Any color, any monogram, tons of holiday and celebratory messages are available. See our full selection of custom pillows* at Tenereze now!

*Our pillows are all made in the U.S.A!


Gifts For: Rambunctious Little Boys

Growing up, it was just me and my sister. I got some occasional teasing from friends’ brothers but it was all pink, frills and girly stuff for us. It’s now that I’m older that I can appreciate all the things that boys are about. Toughness, trucks and lots of energy. If you have a sweet, little boy in your life that you’re buying for, the variety of items for gift-giving is endless. Here are some of my top choices.

For the architect in your life, Bill Ding Stacker, $12.95

Got a future chef? Duktig vegetable set, $7.99

For the go-getter. Radio Flyer My First Sport Scooter, $35.99

For the nature lover. Insect Habitat, $14.99

For the adventurous kid, design and fly your own kite. Kite kit, $10.50

The Best Gift of All

Last night we celebrated my nieces’s 7th birthday. Since she’s getting a big pool party and cook out tomorrow, this affair was saved just for family. The seven of us gathered around a bit Italian dinner and in typical fashion, it was sprinkled with quips, debates and my niece running around the table after she got her taste of chocolate cake.

The best part, however, was when she opened her gift. My husband and I had bought her a fairy door. If you don’t know what a fairy door is, it’s a tiny little decorated door that attaches to the wall. If you leave little goodies for them, a fairy will take residence there. A sort of magical opening to another world. Of course, I’m a stodgy adult so I know that the little fairy doors hidden around our town are for the “believers”. It’s not that I’m a non-believer, it’s just that I’ve outgrown thinking that leaving a penny or a pretty piece of string will bring the fairy happiness.

But when she saw it, her eyes got so big that we couldn’t help but laugh. After dinner she sat down with my husband and talked about the logistics of what’s going to happen with the fairy door and how she would move in. For all the rambunctious energy she usually has, this really captured her imagination. That by far was the best reaction to a gift we’ve ever given. That was enough to make me believe too.

Table Settings: Setting the Mood

I love setting the table for dinner at night. Just the two of us: white reusable napkins, our “fruit” motif plates, Crate & Barrel glassware. Company: silk shantung or mixed print napkins, gold rimmed glassware and wine glasses, Fiesta ware. It’s all about creating a great mood for the meal and I think it’s just as important as the food you’re serving.

What are your favored themes?

La Belle Vie

Gorgeous table setting with large floral

Backyard sweetness with picnic tables

High contrast and drama with bold stripes, Green Wedding Shoes

Ethereal and romantic, Crush Cul De Sac

Gifts for: Little Girls

My niece is turning 7 this weekend (I still can’t believe it) and she’s a princess. That is, when she’s not playing in the mud and making a mess! When you think of girls, is it all pink and frills? I like to think that there’s more to it. What’s the best present you ever gave or got (as a little girl)?

A cupcake cute enough to wear. Girls cupcake henley dress, $55

Every princess needs one. Mini tiara, $24

Cute for adults, cute for kids, baby Baggu, $7

Simple and sweet.  Rhinestone heart necklace, $23

Party shoes! Girls leopard loafers, $29.95

Kids always beat me at this one. Charley Hopper Memory game, $14.95