4th of July Recipes: Red, White and Blue all over!

It’s almost here! When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to see the sky light up with fireworks and the smell (which I think is disgusting now) of residual gunpowder in the air. I would think that the fiery stars were going to fall right on top of me as faded and fell away. Now I love preparing for the big night with a cook out and some delicious recipes. What’s your favorite 4th of July ritual?

I found some really fun food and drinks to share with the kids. Enjoy!

Make a magical “floating” potion with a Patriotic drink recipe

Make the simplest white cake and decorate it with fresh berries! Flag cake how-to

So sweet and yummy, the Red, White and Blue Parfait via Martha Stewart

A few more fun 4th of July food tips:

  • Have the kids dip their ice cream sandwiches and cones in red, white and blue sprinkles. An instant holiday treat!
  • Cut the sugar in half and give them a fun, fizzy drink by mixing blue fruit punch with sparkling water.
  • Stock up on healthy goodies and eat some thing red, white or blue with your meals for the holiday: blueberries on cereal, red peppers on pizza, coconut flakes in yogurt.
  • Freeze (sliced) strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in your ice cubes for a fun surprise as you sip your drinks.

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