Forget the Place Cards! Framed Photo Seating Chart

When we got married three years ago, I went through a lot of pains to  make our wedding as personal as possible. Since we only had fifty guests, we had the opportunity to give our guests extra special attention. One of the details that I loved most was the photo seating chart. Rather than having a long list for people to rifle through, I attached black and white portraits of each guest on a large board with a tree drawn in the background. Each table was given a name of a city that pertained to our relationship.

At each place seating, the menu and napkin were tied with a photo of each person’s corresponding portrait. Needless to say, it was a hit and everyone took their menu packs home!

Tenereze has the perfect solution for taking the photo place cards an extra special step. The Elegant Place Card Holder frames are adorable and perfect for capturing the mood of a high end event (in the black) or a charming daytime event (in the white). I wish I had had this option back then, it would’ve made for an incredibly sweet favor. *And the best part? Buy just 14 of these and you automatically get 15% off your order – no coupon code necessary!*

Aren’t they adorable? Now you just have to choose which color. At $3.75 each, they make the perfect favor and tabletop decor.


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