How to Take a Great Photo

Celebrities (and royalty) always look picture perfect. I guess they have to, with cameras on the red carpet or in the bushes…So what are their secrets to looking great in photos? Here are some useful tips.


Smile. For real. You’ve heard it and you’ve probably seen it. A forced or fake smile shows in photos. So let go, relax and just laugh. A moment caught during a laugh looks genuine and usually very flattering. If you still can’t break the ice, let your eyes relax and crinkle. When you force your eyes to stay super wide open, that’s another telltale sign of a fake moment.

Image: Wedding Inspirasi

Posture is key. It’s like your mom always said, “stand up straight”. Slouching makes you shorter and adds inches to your frame (and I’m not talking about height). Even if it may feel weird, shoulders back is the way to go. It translates to photos really nicely. Promise.

Image: The Fashion Dealer

Throw your weight around. Pivoting one foot in front of the other or crossing your legs while posing is a great way to add interest to the photo. Standing with your legs square to the camera takes up a lot of “visual space.” Elongate by turning to the side and you’re posing like a pro!



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