For all the Traveling Men: How to Pack Your Dress Shirts and Ties

Happy June and TGIF!

I love a well-dressed man but traveling with one is difficult. I can pretty much get away with a matte jersey dress, rolled up in the corner of the suitcase, but a dress shirt? That’s a bit tougher. Here are a few simple steps to getting your dress shirts to your destination (almost) wrinkle-free. And here are video instructions if you need the visual.

1. Have your shirts pressed at the dry cleaners. That will give you the freshest and most wrinkle-free start to work with.

2. Lay your shirt flat, buttoned, face-down.

3. Place a couple pieces of wrapping tissue on the back of your shirt.

4. Take the sleeves and across, allowing tissue to fold in as well.

5. Fold the sides of the shirt to the middle.

6. Fold the bottom up 1/2 of the length.

7. Optional: the video shows it folded one more time for compactness.

1. A sharp, slim cut suit is the perfect travel companion for a wedding or business event. J. Crew Ludlow Suit Jacket, $395 | 2. Invest in an inexpensive accessory – tissue paper. Buy it in bulk for travel use and then have it for gift wrapping. Satin wrap tissue | 3. This is how your shirt should look after you’ve followed the steps above. Good luck! | 4. Ties are easy and light to travel with, so pack many of them. You can easily change your look with the switch of a tie and addition of a tie pin. | 5. To pack them, roll your ties from the skinny to the wide end. Fit snugly among your socks (don’t forget to pack those too)! | 6. A tie pin is a classic way to finish off your look and show people you’re serious about details. A custom one with your initials is even more elegant. Black border designer tie clip, $24 (custom optional)


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