What to Get the Husband for an Anniversary

In one week my husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary…and I have yet to get his gift. There are exactly three things that I know about our gift-giving rituals to be true.

1. We can never wait until the day of. I’m overly excitable and he knows it. For my birthday this year he pulled out the aquarium (I’d been wanting fish) and put the pair of earrings in a box, in the bottom of it. There was no water in yet, of course. I practically screamed when I walked into the room. Overly excitable, I told you.

2. We’re very practical. There was no use in trying to hide a five foot tall box, so his parents had to bring out the Dyson vacuum I’d been wanting. (Yes, you read that right). I am in love  with great design, industrial design, to be exact, and Dyson created incredibly functional and gorgeous products. Ours is aptly named “Mike Dyson.” Get it??

3. I’m pretty certain we were both born in the wrong era. He would’ve loved the heyday of the ’70s, the music, the vibe, the revolution. I would’ve loved living in the ’50s, or so I think. Who cares that I have to wear a Maidenform pointy bra or that I fetch the whiskey? There’s something really romantic about stepping into a scene of Mad Men with their exact designs and succinct roles – albeit sexist…Ok, maybe not.  That said, my husband has very classic tastes. I’ve narrowed it down to this short list of items to get him. What would you get your husband for your anniversary?

Left to right: You can’t go wrong with a frosty mug. Whether he’s a root beer or Belgian ale drinker, he’ll love this gift. Beer Mug (personalization options), $15 | My hubby’s a huge fan of this Canadian brewery. Potent and Belgian style, these are tasty beers for the connoisseur. Unibroue High Gravity Set, $10.99 | Keepin’ it old school, monogram or have them embroidered with his name. Men’s handkerchief (monogram options), $24


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