Real Wedding | Destination: Iceland

A year ago, I was in Iceland attending the wedding of one of my best friends. It was a magical adventure from the bubbling geysers to the exceptionally friendly locals to the beautiful foods we were served. I had never been to such a heartfelt ceremony and I doubt I ever will again. Here are a few of the incredible photos from the ceremony on the black sand beaches of Vik.

After the ceremony we were treated to a delicious meal of grilled goods. It gave us energy for the full day of excursions and surprises. Fifty of us (yes, you read that correctly) had traveled from the U.S. to share in this wonderful event and we were spoiled at every turn. We followed the emotional ceremony with two waterfall visits.

Congratulations to my beautiful friends on their first anniversary! Prost!


One thought on “Real Wedding | Destination: Iceland

  1. Thank you Yen! This brings back so many wonderful memories ;D Your journey to Iceland with us, along with the rest of our 50 guests, was truly the greatest wedding gift ~ the best week of our lives!!!!

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