Tenereze launches -and- DIY: Custom Photo Collage Frames (with a 20% discount code)!

It’s finally here – the online launch of Tenereze!

We’ve been working day and night to get to this exciting point and there’s so much we want to share with you! One of the most exciting and interactive items we offer are the photo collage frames. Ever piled into the photo booth and later realized someone’s head was cut off or you weren’t even looking at the camera when it went off? This totally solves that! One signature photo can be framed but the entire frame will be decorated how you want – using all your photos!

Check out this super fun and easy DIY on creating the sweetest gift.

How simple is that? Once you’ve made your choices, a high-quality photo frame (made in the U.S.A!) is carefully packaged and sent to you. There are lots of other choices too.

Just for you, our photo collage frame is 20% with the code: Tenero1. You’ll receive it in just a few short days and we’re ready to see the results. If you’ve made an awesome collage, we want to see photos of it! Have a wonderful day.

Tenereze | gifts for people you love

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