It’s just around the corner – Father’s Day Gift ideas!

Father’s Day is June 17th. My dad lives about four hours away by car and I miss him terribly. Even though he’s relatively close (and I just saw him last weekend), it’s not the same talking as talking on the phone or texting. He has a sense of humor that relies on funny facial expressions and timing. I hope I can send him something that conveys how special he is to me. What’re you doing for Father’s Day?

1. Think your dad is tops? Let him know it with a #1 Dad shirt, $18 | 2. Our frames are made with heavy quality wood, beveled edges and Made in the U.S.A.! World’s Greatest Dad frame, $24 | 3. Fill these with his favorite candies and have them waiting when he walks in the door.  Dad Letter Dish set, $20 (candy not included) Images: LoveFromtheOven and | 4. Look up to him as your hero? Surprise him with a Super Dad shirt, $18


What to Get the Husband for an Anniversary

In one week my husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary…and I have yet to get his gift. There are exactly three things that I know about our gift-giving rituals to be true.

1. We can never wait until the day of. I’m overly excitable and he knows it. For my birthday this year he pulled out the aquarium (I’d been wanting fish) and put the pair of earrings in a box, in the bottom of it. There was no water in yet, of course. I practically screamed when I walked into the room. Overly excitable, I told you.

2. We’re very practical. There was no use in trying to hide a five foot tall box, so his parents had to bring out the Dyson vacuum I’d been wanting. (Yes, you read that right). I am in love  with great design, industrial design, to be exact, and Dyson created incredibly functional and gorgeous products. Ours is aptly named “Mike Dyson.” Get it??

3. I’m pretty certain we were both born in the wrong era. He would’ve loved the heyday of the ’70s, the music, the vibe, the revolution. I would’ve loved living in the ’50s, or so I think. Who cares that I have to wear a Maidenform pointy bra or that I fetch the whiskey? There’s something really romantic about stepping into a scene of Mad Men with their exact designs and succinct roles – albeit sexist…Ok, maybe not.  That said, my husband has very classic tastes. I’ve narrowed it down to this short list of items to get him. What would you get your husband for your anniversary?

Left to right: You can’t go wrong with a frosty mug. Whether he’s a root beer or Belgian ale drinker, he’ll love this gift. Beer Mug (personalization options), $15 | My hubby’s a huge fan of this Canadian brewery. Potent and Belgian style, these are tasty beers for the connoisseur. Unibroue High Gravity Set, $10.99 | Keepin’ it old school, monogram or have them embroidered with his name. Men’s handkerchief (monogram options), $24

Best Wedding Proposal via…Lip Sync?

How could one resist? First it was the headphones, the well-synced beat of the pot and off she goes!! Down the — driveway?  What do you rate this wedding proposal with Bruno Mars’s “I Think I Wanna Marry You”. (That kinda has to be their song)!!

She has to say, “yes!” There was a marching band involved…

Punch Drunk Love: Peonies for a Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend with their friends and family. I had a fabulous one! Over the holiday weekend I got to see the Peony Garden at the Arboreturm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a highlight for all the green thumbs and not-so-green thumbs, like me. Since peonies have such a short bloom window (generally from mid-May to early June in the midwest), I got their in prime time to see the garden in 70% bloom although some of them were heavy and had wilted down to the ground due to the humidity and heaviness of each stem. They’re highly sought after during wedding season for their luscious colors and multiple layers, truly a decadent choice for any occasion.

It’s awe inspiring to see the amount of work that goes into organizing all the magnificent varieties. The fuschias and pinks would make for a delightful theme for a bachelorette party or bridal brunch. Kinda like a punch drunk love – a dazzling array of hues. See for yourself…

1. Maid of Honor koozie, $2.95

2. Bachelorette/bride koozie, $2.95

Three summery beverages for a bachelorette soirée or brunch, clockwise from top right: A light fizzy drink of seltzer, orange zest and slice of fresh orange; a refreshing pink lemonade with splash of vodka and lime juice; water with fresh mint.

 3. Punch Drunk Love set from Pom Love, $18

How to Throw A Great Memorial Day BBQ/Party

It’s the official, non-official start of summer  – Memorial Day weekend! Are you throwing a soirée or going to one?

The key elements are always the same at a successful party – great mood and laughs. But just how, you’re asking, do you guarantee those things? Here are a few pointers to get you from little clusters of strangers sitting around, to an all-ourtparty.

Pick a theme, visually-speaking

Colors make a huge difference. People understand a concept when things look uniform and consistent. When you send out the invitation, choose some of the same colors as the decor you plan to use. The day of, you could go as easy as balloons and streamers in corresponding blues or go as far as matching paper plates with contrasting pattern napkins. A sign by the entry of the party in the same hues gets people in the mood as soon as they arrive. Go the extra mile with crepe paper streamers hanging in the doorway or painted party hats. What ever you decide, there are endless ways to incorporate color. Just remember to use it sparingly and with contrasting colors and patterns to keep it interesting.

The rainbow theme is always a sure hit for any age group.

Image: Real Simple

Let them choose

It’s a lot of pressure to serve something that everyone will like. Rather than trying to make everyone happy, simply drop in a line in the invitation reading, “Feel free to bring something to toss on the grill or a drink you like.” Then if someone has strict diet needs or don’t care for the veggie burgers you chose, they won’t feel weird about skipping out on your array of delicious foods!

Image: Southern Living

Plan an activity

Even if it’s as simple as designating a corner to play board games or have a crab walk race, giving people an alternative is always a great idea. Once the food, drink and music are enjoyed, people tend to get antsy (especially if they don’t know many people in the crowd). Giving them a break from the main area will stir up curiosity and who knows? Maybe Twister will become the hit of the evening.

Image: Martha Stewart

Introduce something new

We usually know what to expect. The same foods, wines, desserts. But offering just a few new items to your guests can be a great conversation starter and highlight of the evening. Explore liquors or new recipe ingredients and you’ll have people talking about it the whole party.

Even a simple cocktail like Lillet, a French aperatif can be a new experience for many. Set out some ice, lemons and leave a few instructions. Or let guests explore it on their own.

Play what’s familiar

Current songs come and go. So keep it classic with some of standards whether it’s jazz or rock. Everyone loves a song you can sing to. And if you don’t have time to build a playlist on your iPod, put one together in Spotify (free on your desktop or laptop, a small fee on your phone) or let Pandora play a mix of your chosen category.

Keep the kids busy

If the kids are happy, the adults are happy. Add just enough activity that the children can be somewhat autonomous for the entire event. Everyday goods like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes and flashlights can be intriguing for a curious group. Set up a smaller, separate food table with child-friendly on-the-go foods: carrot sticks, pretzels, yogurt tubes. Pull all the toys, art supplies and books to one area. Better yet, if you have a swing set or play house, group them in the corner so the adults can keep an eye out but still have their fun too.

Image: Dwell

These are just a few ways your party will stand out from the rest. I hope everyone has a smashing holiday weekend. Send us your photos if you have some great tips to share. Cheers!

The Best Gift I Ever Got Was…

I’m really horrible at hiding my reaction to a present. If I love it, it’s tears and squeals. If I’m not so in love with it, it’s written all over my face. I hate that feeling of having to lie when I know I’m not doing a very good job of it…so why bother giving a bad gift? Be sure there’s no regifting when you make it super personal and custom. They’ll love it. Promise.

1.  Custom Dog Bone frame, $24  |  2. Embroidered cosmetic bag, $10 | 3. Chain Link bracelet, $77

Wedding Gift Trend: Custom Embroidered Quilts

You could do the pots and pans, the glassware…but I simply adore the idea of giving a customized gift. When I graduated from college, my aunt sent me a huge package. In it was the most beautiful quilt. I use it as a throw on the sofa when I’m watching a movie or just need extra coziness at night. The best part about this quilt is that on the corner, she stitched my initials. I love that personal detail!

Tenereze offers a really adorable line of quilts, perfect for a milestone event or wedding gift. There’s a huge variety of colors and styles, making this once traditional gift a contemporary keepsake. I’m also loving the custom throw pillows but my favorite is the Wedding Rings pillow where you can use your own photo in the design!

Batik quilt set

I love the Wedding Rings pillow (your custom photo in the design) with the colors of the Batik quilt.

A gorgeous detail of the embroidery on the Wedding Rings quilt.

Another one of my favorites, the Square Patch quilt with embroidery options.

The Mosaic quilt (red check) brightens any room.

With shams priced from $24.50 to quilts starting at $84, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious quilt like this. It would make a great graduation, anniversary or birthday present too. I hope you find your version of coziness! Check out all the lovely quilt choices here.

Spotted | Tenero Trend : Stars

When I was growing up, I drew stars – everywhere. It was such a feat to be able to draw a perfectly symmetrical one. Recently, my 6 year-old niece reminded me of that innocent moment when she showed me that she could draw a “really good star.” I chuckled and went aawwww.

There’s something really sweet and delightful about the shape of a star. It can be really subtle and still bring a sense of joy to just about any occasion. Whether you’re thinking of a wedding theme or just looking for a sparkler of a dress, metallics and star-shapes are totally en pointe as a wedding and fashion trend this season.

a. Eva Guest Book, $42 | b. Jenny Packham gold dress, $3,025 | c. Mary Frances Movie Star clutch, $288 | d. Silver Star Place Card Holder, $32 for set of 10 | e. Martha Stewart wedding cake with Native American morning star

Real Wedding | Destination: Iceland

A year ago, I was in Iceland attending the wedding of one of my best friends. It was a magical adventure from the bubbling geysers to the exceptionally friendly locals to the beautiful foods we were served. I had never been to such a heartfelt ceremony and I doubt I ever will again. Here are a few of the incredible photos from the ceremony on the black sand beaches of Vik.

After the ceremony we were treated to a delicious meal of grilled goods. It gave us energy for the full day of excursions and surprises. Fifty of us (yes, you read that correctly) had traveled from the U.S. to share in this wonderful event and we were spoiled at every turn. We followed the emotional ceremony with two waterfall visits.

Congratulations to my beautiful friends on their first anniversary! Prost!

Tenereze launches -and- DIY: Custom Photo Collage Frames (with a 20% discount code)!

It’s finally here – the online launch of Tenereze!

We’ve been working day and night to get to this exciting point and there’s so much we want to share with you! One of the most exciting and interactive items we offer are the photo collage frames. Ever piled into the photo booth and later realized someone’s head was cut off or you weren’t even looking at the camera when it went off? This totally solves that! One signature photo can be framed but the entire frame will be decorated how you want – using all your photos!

Check out this super fun and easy DIY on creating the sweetest gift.

How simple is that? Once you’ve made your choices, a high-quality photo frame (made in the U.S.A!) is carefully packaged and sent to you. There are lots of other choices too.

Just for you, our photo collage frame is 20% with the code: Tenero1. You’ll receive it in just a few short days and we’re ready to see the results. If you’ve made an awesome collage, we want to see photos of it! Have a wonderful day.

Tenereze | gifts for people you love