Embroidered Monogram Jewelry Roll : How to pack your jewelry for travel

My sister’s birthday is coming up next week and I’m the teensiest embarrassed to say that I haven’t gotten her anything yet. She’s the person that buys everything she wants so it’s hard to surprise her. But for something that’s unexpected and she doesn’t have already, I’m thinking about giving her a jewelry roll. “What’s a jewelry roll,” you say? I’m glad you asked. It’s a bag (and in this case in luxurious silk shantung), that houses your valuables whether you’re tossing a few key pieces in a weekend bag or carrying all your wedding jewelry for a destination trip.

Strapping and zipping in your pieces means that there’s little room for error – and tangles. Nothing burns me more than getting ready for a wedding and finding that all my necklaces are in a jumble from being tousled around in carry-on baggage.

With the zipper compartments, I toss in my large, antique clip earrings, rings and bracelets.

With the strap, I can loop my necklaces and make sure they stay snug.

I roll up the bag, tie it up and it’s ready to go – anywhere! Brilliant, right?

I love this handsome embroidery too. So sweet, personal and necessary!

Tenereze will launch May 10th and then you can get yours too! Have a lovely Monday.


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