Welcome to Tenero

Welcome to Tenero!

Tenero means “tender” in Italian, our sentiments in sharing the most precious and high-quality gifts. As part of the Tenereze family, this is the place to find the the latest trends and tutorials in gifts and gift-giving. Whether you stumbled upon the blog while shopping for that something special or you’re a past customer from Bridal Elements, we’re so happy you found us.

On Thursday, May 10th, we’re launching our on-line store with a whole new way of looking at meaningful gift-giving. From live customer service to short ship times, we strive to offer the latest array of unique products for those you love. We’re a company based out of Chicago. We handle, create and package gifts, many of which are made in the U.S.A.

Starting today, we’ll be sharing items, tips and tutorials here as well as on Pinterest and Youtube with daily updates on Facebook and Twitter. Email us with your suggestions any time – we look forward to hearing from you!

To give you a peek of the types of sweet gifts we’ll be offering, take a look at our bud vases. In various colors, they make an incredible housewarming, birthday or everyday gift. Here are a few tips on using your bud vases everyday.

  • Set one out on the windowsill with a single gardenia or other fragrant flower to enjoy while you do the dishes.
  • Place one on the nightstand as an unexpected detail for the houseguest.
  • Group three or more bud vases together and string an arrangement that spans the whole length.
  • Surprise your coworkers with a flower and a vase for them to take home or enjoy at work.

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